Sunday, October 5, 2008

the one where we had a great weekend

Did I mention that we had a great weekend? We kicked it off with a sunset boat ride on Lake Travis on Friday afternoon. Joe's friend from work lives on the lake and just got a new boat so we went out with him and then had dinner at The Pier. 


Peter's wife has a "pet" duck at their marina so he had bread on the boat and fed him before we left. When we pulled into another marina to get gas, these ducks must have smelled the bread because they followed us and came right up to the side of boat.


As some of you know, Joseph and I are in the process of buying a home in Austin. We are truly at the very beginning stages as we have several months until we have to make a decision. Below is a picture of the Briarcliff Marina and there are two houses in this neighborhood which we are particularly interested in. It would be a dream come true to be able to live this close to the water.

You can really tell how low the water is right now in the lake. At capacity, the water would be just below the trees, at the top of the rocks.


On Saturday, Joseph and I went our separate ways. We both went to San Antonio though, Joseph to the ranch in Pipe Creek and me to spend some time with my VIPs.

This is P in the Excer-Saucer (sp) which she is WAY too big for but she sat it in with her knees up to her chest and had a blast.


Here is S having a bottle, look at those eyelashes.


"Money" and his momma were next on the VIP list. There are more where this came from which I am super excited to post once I get them processed.

Former LB, miss you like crazy! I'm so glad we were able to spend a little time together. Love the new casa. You like how I  attempted to blur out the floral on the cushion? I did that for Steve, I figured he would appreciate my attempt to make it look a little more masculine. This picture cracks me up, what a showstopper!


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Candice said...

Hey! We had a fun weekend too! But I hear you also got sick. Boo! I guess it was a bug going around. Sorry :-(