Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So now, I really don't like the way the blog looks...

Please ignore the layout for now until I can get my A-game back.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

bye, bye, boring blog

notice anything different?

that's right, I'm working on jazzing up the blog! first step, larger images (i'm thinking of you mom). next up, something besides the boring "CHERRY BLOSSOM PHOTOGRAPHY" at the top. i have InDesign warming up for that one. we were friends in college and it's time to get re-acquainted, can't believe it's been almost 5 years!

with all that said, i just couldn't wait to try out the new image size on the pics from money man's BIRTHDAY BASH!

dear former l.b., 

you know who you are! please close your eyes or get away from the blog, i know you are a stalker. your cd will be in the mail tomorrow with all pics included.

oh yeah and so much for coming to austin before school started...hate you!

miss you with all my heart,
current l.b.








Sunday, August 10, 2008

pauper or prince

Have I mentioned lately that I often feel like I am on vacation in my own city?

Our weekend couldn't have been more perfect. On Thursday, we found out that our best friends will be moving to Austin. We have always lived at least 3 hours from them and visits are too few and too fast. When we were in San Antonio, T's mom lived down the street so we were able to see them for short visits when they came in but not the same since we moved to Austin. T will be staying with us this week to start work and they will move in to their new place (only about 20 minutes away) next Monday. 

On Friday, we stayed in a watched the spectacular opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was breathtaking! Please tell me you weren't completely moved by the Chinese team's entrance with Yao Ming and the little hero?

Our two favorite little ones (our nieces) were heading up to Dallas to visit their cousins for the week so Candice called and asked if we would like to join them for lunch so they could take a break from driving. We enjoyed them for about an hour and like always, it was difficult say goodbye.

After our fun lunch, Joseph and I went out on Lake Travis one of our friend's boat. There is a DJ on one of the radio stations here who always says "It's a great day to be alive in Austin Texas" and yesterday was definitely one of those days!

This is what I did...

This is what the guys did...

Can you believe this is Texas?

We stopped at Johnny Finns where we enjoyed some local live music and the best burgers in Austin (in my opinion). Of course, it wouldn't be a full day without a little drama. So the "band" was a man and his guitar. His girlfriend had been sitting at a table in front of the stage, doing something on a laptop (not quite sure what that was about but anyhoo). A guy walks up and sits down next to her and starts asking her questions, maybe something along the lines of "can I buy a CD?" or maybe "Wanna blow this joint and ride off into the sunset"? Who knows... but evidently the boyfriend thought it was the latter and proceeded to throw his guitar over his shoulder, jump off the stage mid-song and attack the guy sitting next to his girlfriend. The manager came and "broke it up" and then the dude just jumped back on the stage and continued his song. It was interesting and random but it provided great entertainment...almost like live RealityTV.

Goodnight Johnny Fins, you're the best in town. See you sooner than later and we promise to bring along the brand new Austinites next time we visit.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sneak peek: money man's birthday bash

I'm working on the rest and momma's gotta see them first...


Friday, August 1, 2008

3 cousins + kiddie pool = fun!

Here are the pics I took of my best friend's "ladies" (as she calls them). 

We had scheduled a more formal session with T and the girls together but sometimes things just happen when you have a two and half and three and a half year old. All that aside, I don't think these could have turned out any better if we had been trying.

I feel these photographs speak strongly for themselves, so I will keep my words few...

T said K cracked up hysterically laughing when she saw this picture of herself "mowing" the landscaping in Grams' backyard.

What's back there? Who knows but it was entertaining!

Look at T's beautiful eyes, even in black and white you can tell how blue they are.

These little ones mean the world to me, not only because they are so precious but because they are their mom's and she means the world to me...