Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rope-Swings & Tree Frogs

This rope-swing was the model of our existence a couple of weekends ago when we headed to the lake house to celebrate 2 birthdays and an anniversary.

Don't we look like river rats?

Happy Birthday Hubbo!

This weekend, Joe and I went back to the lake for some R&R. Here are some pics of the landscaping and "wildlife" in the backyard.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

June Birthdays

Today we are headed to San Marcos to celebrate! Candice and Joseph both have June birthdays, one at the beginning and one at the end. Should be fun, it's nice that we can meet halfway. I tried to sneak in a little shopping trip at the outlets, but unless we drive separate (which won't happen) Joseph's not going for it. BOO!

Candice has started a blog. The Adam Family Zoo chronicles the life of the two little munchkins who I've attempted to make famous through pictures on this blog, S&P.

These pics have become outdated as the little ones grow soooo fast. These were taken at Sydney & Matthew's dedication at their church in May.

Matthew is Joseph's Cousin's little one. He is about 3 months older than Sydney. He is the cutest little dude!

The rest of these were taken later in the day at our Mother's Day Celebration at the Adam's house. Squid was pretty pooped, she didn't even budge when I cracked the blinds for lighting.

Presleigh is a daddy's girl for sure...

In two weeks, we head to Vegas with our very best friends, the Gillenwaters. We can't wait to take our first of many vacations with them. We have all been working our patooties off in the last couple of months, so this will be a much needed break. Of course I will post pictures of the trip when we return.

I still need to catch up the blog... look forward to pics of S&P at Zilker Park, some good ones of the ladies trip to the Wildflower Center and of course the ones I take of our Vegas "vacay".

Please comment on the blog if you are interested in having some family, kiddo or senior portraits taken and I will get back with you. Since I travel between Austin and San Antonio for work, I am available in either city and anywhere in between.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day I wanted to post these sweet pictures of my brother with Sydney. He is a very loving and devoted father and husband and I am proud of that!
These were taken Memorial Day weekend when they came to Austin for a visit. We took them to Zilker Park on Saturday and the neighborhood pool on Saturday and Sunday. P had a blast in the water, S wasn't too sure about it.

Sorry these are a little out of order.

Look at these blue eyes!
Always the show stopper...
I took some park pictures with my point and shoot but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll post them soon. Presleigh stuck her feet in the renegade section of the Barton Springs Pool (the part you don't have to pay for), she experienced her first real taste of the "authentic" Austinites.

more to come...


Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Days

Summer and I have a love/hate relationship. 

Summer for me means boating, lounging, swimming and BBQing but it also means long work days, high stress and lots of deadlines.

Joe and I decided to kick it off this weekend at the Oasis @ Lake Travis. We knew we would love living in Austin but we have really started to enjoy living here more than we imagined and it's days and experiences like this that we love the most.

Here are some pics of the views from our table. FABULOUS! The only thing better would to have been down in the water on one of those beautiful boats.

I have so much more to post...stay tuned for pictures from the Wildflower Center and the Munchkin visit last weekend.

Oh yeah and by the time this posts, we will be on our way for a celebratory weekend at the Meadowlake Lake House. Tracy's Birthday was yesterday (27), Joseph's birthday is tomorrow (28) and Ryan and Tiffany are celebrating their anniversary (6) on Sunday! 

Woo Hoo! Hot Fun & Sun  in the Summertime.