Monday, September 22, 2008

the one where we celebrated

This weekend Joseph and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date. He says we shouldn't call it our "anniversary" because our "anniversary" is when we were married but it is worth celebrating and it happens annually so why not! We went to Romeo's on Barton Creek, I had been there for lunch but not for dinner. We had a  great time!
September 20, 1996 we went on our first date. Granted, it was a group date with some of our friends who were also dating and since we were only 16 and didn't have money, we didn't actually have a "date". We went to a friend's house and hung out like high schoolers do and then sat in the grass at the neighborhood church. I can remember to this day how happy and excited I felt that night, something I had never felt before. 

12 years later, still feeling the happiness and excitement I did on that first night. I love you hubbo!


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