Monday, April 6, 2009

april dashboard

I wish I knew how to make this bigger but I have no idea...
  • This month I vow to step up the workout regime...gotta get ready for afternoon "on a whim" boat rides, Barge Party '09 and of course Jamaica in August.
  • Bluebonnets are in full bloom here is Central Texas; already have 2 sessions booked specifically for bluebonnets in April. If you are interested in booking a session, get on board quick; I'm not sure how much longer they will stick around. Comment here or send me a message on Facebook.
  • My dad is hitting the big 60 in April and we are having a small get together/big shindig for him at the lake house. I am very excited to spend the day eating and drinking by the water. Better get a tan before I try and put on shorts.
  • Next weekend is Easter...I am on pins and needles waiting to spend some time with my munchkins! has it been over a month? WAY too long...We have lots of hugs and kisses stored up for both of them! There is never a shortage of love from Aunt Carly and Uncle CarlyJoe.
  • Also, it didn't get posted on the board but anyone know where to find a good "Derby Hat"? We are attending the Naval Academy graduation in Annapolis in May and I've been told that it's cool to wear a hat. I'm taking inspiration from the Housewives of OC....maybe a big floppy pink one like Gretchen (just a thought).

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~Kristina said...

SO COOL! Very nice design on the dashboard.