Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the one with the sparklers

I promised that I would make this a post in itself...I know it's a little late but well worth it.

So we went to R&T's for New Year's Eve. For most of the night we were pretty boring (and that's how we like it). A little wine, a little food, some game playing and watching some crazy australian guy trying to jump up some ramp on his bicycle at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas (I don't think that's actually a sentence but we'll go with it).

Anyway at midnight, I busted out 3 of the 50 leftover boxes of sparklers from our wedding (I think we'll be retired by the time we use them all) and we "played" with them in the yard. T and I backed out early because it was really cold and the smoke from the sparklers was eating our lungs. I felt a little anxious because last year we had a fire in our yard in San Antonio from the crazys next door shooting fireworks. All that said, the guys finished off the sparklers and T was able to grab her camera for the following shots...This is R dancing like he was "in da club" with his sparklers. In his words "What better time to act like a 5 year old?".


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