Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what's your play - no. 37

I just realized that all this time I have been calling it "pick your play" when it is really "what's your play"...HELLO! Anyone there?

Regardless, here's No. 37:

OOC (From Laura @ Dolce Pics)

And here is my edited version:

I used Lightroom to fix the white balance then sent it to Photoshop where I used the Pioneer Woman's "colorized" action set @ about 50%. Then I added surface blur and some lens flare.



laura-dolcepics said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Carly! I love PW's actions... particularly the Colorized one. :) I like the other effects you added too. It really softens the image and lends itself well to the overall split toning.

~Kristina said...

Very nice edit!

Anonymous said...

can you do that to one of my pics


Cherry Blossom Photography said...

J, yours are doneski! I am putting them in the mail today, all 6 CDs... I am very excited for you to see them and YES, some of yours look similar to this.

Laura and Kristina, thanks!

Puna said...

This is a wonderful dreamy look.