Thursday, March 5, 2009

pick your play - no. 35

Long time no blogging... no excuses people just not a whole lot of inspiration this week.

I did pick up the camera once this week because I thought I saw a weird object hovering in the air like a UFO...turns out it was a squirrel on the power line (which I couldn't see because of the glare of the sun). Anyway, it was gone before I could capture it.

Here's Laura's pick-your-play for this week.


My edited version:

This week was a little sad for me. One of my besties at work left to find other (greener) pastures. We only saw each other at the office once a week but we talked or emailed at least once per day.

 K, you will be missed dearly. Promise me that sometime soon your little "cowkids" will make their debut on the blog.

This weekend I am shooting a birthday party with some mini-family-sessions squeezed in. 
Wish me luck!



laura-dolcepics said...

I like how you turned on the light. The added flare makes it more prominent. Best wishes on your shoots this weekend! :)

Stephen and Delana Mota said...

Hope your shoot went well. Look forward to seeing your pics.