Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Days

Summer and I have a love/hate relationship. 

Summer for me means boating, lounging, swimming and BBQing but it also means long work days, high stress and lots of deadlines.

Joe and I decided to kick it off this weekend at the Oasis @ Lake Travis. We knew we would love living in Austin but we have really started to enjoy living here more than we imagined and it's days and experiences like this that we love the most.

Here are some pics of the views from our table. FABULOUS! The only thing better would to have been down in the water on one of those beautiful boats.

I have so much more to post...stay tuned for pictures from the Wildflower Center and the Munchkin visit last weekend.

Oh yeah and by the time this posts, we will be on our way for a celebratory weekend at the Meadowlake Lake House. Tracy's Birthday was yesterday (27), Joseph's birthday is tomorrow (28) and Ryan and Tiffany are celebrating their anniversary (6) on Sunday! 

Woo Hoo! Hot Fun & Sun  in the Summertime.


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Stephen and Delana Mota said...

So fun! Glad to see yall are getting settled in to Austin.