Friday, August 1, 2008

3 cousins + kiddie pool = fun!

Here are the pics I took of my best friend's "ladies" (as she calls them). 

We had scheduled a more formal session with T and the girls together but sometimes things just happen when you have a two and half and three and a half year old. All that aside, I don't think these could have turned out any better if we had been trying.

I feel these photographs speak strongly for themselves, so I will keep my words few...

T said K cracked up hysterically laughing when she saw this picture of herself "mowing" the landscaping in Grams' backyard.

What's back there? Who knows but it was entertaining!

Look at T's beautiful eyes, even in black and white you can tell how blue they are.

These little ones mean the world to me, not only because they are so precious but because they are their mom's and she means the world to me...


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