Sunday, July 13, 2008

the city of "lost wages"

As promised...

Tif texted me when we got back from our trip, "Can't wait for next time, maybe not to Lost Wages but somewhere". I wrote her back to tell her I didn't get the whole message, part of it had been cut off. After she sent the same message and I pondered it for a while, I finally understood that she meant Las Vegas. It must have been the jet lag that threw me off! :)

This is Lake Travis from the plane. It's just as beautiful from the sky!

The water show at the Venetian through the columns. You can see the cranes from the construction of the new "city" they are building between Monte Carlo and Venetian. It is going to have a mall, 3 hotels/condos and 2 more condo only high-rises. 

Make a wish...We sure did.

Tif and Ryan had some hang-ups getting there on Saturday so we had a late start but once they arrived, we had a blast! Tif and I agreed that we could have spent one more day by the pool, especially with all the drama that you witness at a Vegas pool, but we were definitely all gambled out and ready to be home. 4 days in Vegas is plenty. Next time we are going somewhere very relaxing.


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